Private Driving Instructor VS Driving Centre: Which Is The Best?

In most cases, you would benefit more by learning privately, here's why...

Let’s be honest here. Everyone in Singapore considers getting their driver’s license as a process of their coming of age. Most of the time completely glossing over the fact that many Singaporean youths can’t even afford their own cars within five to ten years of them passing their driving exams.

Today we’re going to be talking about driving licences, driving schools and why picking private instructors is going to; help save you a lot of money, keep your schedule a whole lot less undisrupted, and your learning experience all the more enjoyable.

We’ll be covering three key reasons that going for a Private Driving coach is much, much more cost – effective and time efficient than spending nearly 30% more on a driving school lesson that cannot be rescheduled, forcing you to potentially miss the lesson, or miss something else.

Starting from the thing on everyone’s minds:

1. Price

The price is NOT right.

For most driving students it would be so much cheaper for them to find a private driving coach than to go through the clunky, non-consumer friendly process of driving schools.

Private instructors like the ones in our current team are significantly easier on the wallet to hire per lesson as compared to school lessons. On average, school lessons cost about $70 - $80 a session and require you to at least attend 25 of them before you can even take the practical test! This is not even mentioning the other hidden costs like sign up fees, which for example the BBDC conveniently makes themselves 97$ richer for every registration, combined with the price of travelling to and from centres every time there’s lessons.

All these problems disappear when you decide to find a private instructor.

Private coaches like ours charge at most $40+ per lesson on non-peak timings and do not mandate you to attend a fixed number of lessons before they deem you ready to take the driving test. This means you spend less overall on a per lesson basis, and on a general basis; as our private coaches are much cheaper in almost all ways!

We crunched some of the numbers for an average individual who decides to take the driving school pathway; and one who decided to try the private driving instructor pathway. The student that took the private driving pathway easily saved himself 500$ because of all these factors combined.

So give your wallets a break and go private, god knows we teens and working individuals are in short supply of cash.

2. Skills

We all know how frustrating it feels to be taught in a structured, unflexible style. But this is how it goes if you enrol yourself in a driving school. You’ll be learning from a fixed-style curriculum that 20 other people who all have different learning styles, practices and competency also go through. This is the result of changing instructors every lesson in a school setup. This means that you’ll likely not get the experience you have in mind.

Often, students at driving schools will be victims of having to perform the same task again and again just being supervised and trained by different teachers and different vehicles. This is awful for multiple reasons.

Having gotten used to the car and teacher you worked with in your first session, you’re forced to forget everything and use a different vehicle and a different coach which means you have to acclimatise yourself all over again.

Going private gives you the undivided attention of a single professional instructor who can be critical of your skills and your requirements. This allows them to come up with a comprehensive lesson plan and suitable pace. Giving you the appropriate environment to learn the art of driving at a more comfortable style.

3. Flexibility

At this point in time, school is infamous for being extremely rigid with its timetable’s and inflexible schedules. Which in the world of tertiary education and professional work makes it more challenging to make it on time for all the 25 classes that’s required of you by driving schools.

Most of the time, teens and young adults like take at least half a year to complete the course of these 25 classes and take their test.

Meaning that it’ll take you 6 months AT BEST to get your driving licence provided you pass the driving test on your very first try with a school.

In contrast, private instructors are completely flexible on the location, the date and time of the lessons. Giving you the freedom to choose where you’d like to learn to drive and get your inner Hamilton on. Saving you the endless headache that is having to build your schedule around driving lessons and instead allowing you to build your private driving lessons around your schedule!

And there you have it! The three main reasons why picking a private instructor is not only the most economical option but also the most logical option as a Singaporean. Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think!